About NITE Web Development

NITE provides digital platforms that ensure your business thrives online.

Our web developers understand what businesses need to succeed online. For over 15 years we have provided high-quality websites and web services to businesses across the United States. When we say we know how to help your business succeed online, we mean it. We have lead hundreds of projects over the years and we know what works.

Let our experience work for you. When your business requires advanced website functionality, call NITE.

Meet Our Team

Nick Brown

Founder, Web Developer

Nick has 10+ years of experience developing websites and applications for businesses around the world.

Collin Gian

Chief Information Security Officer

Collin has over 12 security certifications and has protected multi-million dollar corporations from security threats for years.

Jared Rigsby

Editor in Chief

Jared is an expert in copywriting, email marketing and campaign engineering with over 6 years of experience in marketing.

Kyle Mann

Virtual Reality Director

Kyle is a visionary early adopter of virtual reality technology and has developed VR training technology for over 8 years.

Emily Kraut

Social Media Director

Emily is a social media manager and brand developer with over 6 years of experience creating digital brand communities.

Patrick Robinson

AI Automation Director

Patrick is an expert of workflow optimization with leveraged Artificial Intelligence and automated processes.

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